Hurricane Prep for your Pet

We are inching toward hurricane season, can you believe it? Dog parents, you need to have your hurricane prep plans in order so your furry family member stays safe in the event of a major storm!

ID your pet!  At a minimum make sure your pet has a collar with a cell phone and a landline listed. This will actually be the fastest way someone can return your pet to you in an emergency. Another measure is to get your dog microchipped, you’ll feel better you did.

If your evacuation plan may include a shelter or a hotel, call ahead to see if they accept pets. Some do and some don’t. Here are a list of websites that can point you in the right direction for dog friendly accommodations.,,,,,,

Make a pet plan during hurricane season anytime you travel without them in case a hurricane strikes. Your vet or boarder should have “in the event of a hurricane” measures in place so find out what they are. Always assume a storm could come while you are separated from your pet! Your dog sitter may want to high tail it out of town and you’ll need a backup plan for your pet if so!

Make sure you always have a backup supply of food and water for your pet if you hunker down at home. They can be a great source of comfort during stressful times but they need your calmness and strength (and food!) too.

Be careful after the storm. Keep your pet secured in the area and don’t let them roam free.

Stay safe this hurricane season and keep your furry family safe too!