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Snuggle Up to a Clean, Healthy Pup!


Wellness-Focused Dog Grooming

It’s scientifically proven that dogs make us happier, healthier humans. A clean, healthy pup gets more love and snuggles – good for your dog and good for you!

Your dog requires routine grooming in order to stay clean, comfortable and healthy. Scenthound offers members reliable care on a regular basis in a clean, safe, loving environment.

We have a clean, happy pup. Thank you for a stress-free visit! Looking forward to our future visits with our easy monthly plan.
— ★★★★★ MILFRED & BUBU

Monthly Clean Club

We handle your dog’s basic grooming needs, so you don’t have to.

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why membership?

Simply put, it’s what’s best for your dog.

Scenthound is my go-to place! My dog Barley thoroughly enjoys his ‘spa days’, and I love the friendly staff, convenient location and above all the quality of services provided. I highly recommend Scenthound to all dog parents and their kids!
— ★★★★★ Leigh Ann & Barley