Tim Vogel,  Founder & CEO

Tim Vogel, Founder & CEO

Our beginning

Here at Scenthound, we’re dog lovers and always have been. A dozen years ago, we decided to turn our passion for dogs into a business.

We started as mobile dog grooming, then expanded with grooming salons. We met thousands of dogs and their parents.

Our "ah-ha" moment

After several years caring for all sorts of dogs, we discovered that most dogs out there are not getting the routine care they need in order to stay clean, comfortable and healthy.

You see, not all dogs need traditional grooming. In fact 8 of the 10 most popular breeds don’t require haircuts … but, EVERY dog needs essential care like bathing, ear cleaning, nail trimming and dental care.

Too many dogs out there are not getting the care that they need because dog parents either don’t know they need it or don’t know an easy and affordable way to get it. Thus, Scenthound was born.

Our mission

Our goal is to help all dogs get the care they need in order to stay clean and healthy. How? By educating dog parents and providing an accessible and affordable place for dog parents to get the basic grooming care their dogs need.

Scenthound is a proud partner of Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League