Dog Breath doesn’t have to be a “thing”

Did you know having “dog breath” is actually not normal? The term has been around for so long we have just accepted dogs have bad breath. Bad doggy breath is actually the smell of bacteria in their mouth and on their teeth. Yuck, right? It’s not just smelly to the potential “kissee”, this bacteria can eventually travel into the bloodstream and cause organ damage without you even knowing it!

Are your ears perked up now? Great, because you can take action.

·  Start dental care early with your puppy. Your cute young pup may have white teeth and a sweet puppy breath, so keep it that way! Start by wrapping some gauze around your finger and wiping inside her mouth to get her used to activity in there. Then grab a dog toothbrush and slowly introduce that as well in different parts of her mouth. Once she gets used to "teeth brushing time" find a tasty dog tooth paste and get brushing. It’ll get easier and easier and she will grow up accustomed to dental maintenance.

·    It's not too late – start now with any age dog. Yes, you often can teach older dogs new tricks. Start by using the same methods above and be consistent. It is never too late to introduce a new care regime for the health and comfort of your dog. He will be forever grateful because, let’s face it, he can’t brush his own teeth!

·  Let your local professional dog care centers help. They have been trained in brushing dog’s teeth and offer other affordable deeper cleaning services too. For instance, it’s excellent practice to have your dog care center apply a PlaqClnz treatment monthly. This gel is applied to your pup’s teeth, sits 30 minutes and is then washed off with a water pick. This application breaks down plaque and leaves behind a sealant to protect.  

Say goodbye to DOG BREATH! More kisses and better dog health for everyone!