Thinking of being a great human and adopting a dog?

Hooray for you and your future family member! Shelter dogs can make the absolute best pets and with the right preparation it can be a smooth transition into your family. We’ve put together some pointers to help you rescue a dog and add tons of love to your life.

·       Research all the available breeds and narrow down traits that work for your family. Consider temperament, exercise level, grooming needs etc. Keep an open mind to awesome mixed breeds!

·       Think of this dog as a family member. Make sure everyone in the house is on board with welcoming another member to the family and agree it’s quite a long term commitment.

·       Look online and start visiting your local adoption agencies. If you have children it’s a good idea to bring them with you. Weekends are busiest.

·       Spend some time at your rescue agency. Many times there will be one that “speaks” to you. If you have a dog already, you can arrange for a meeting to see how your new dog may get along with your current pet.

·       Now the fun begins! Consider the following dog need items: collar, ID, leash, toys, food, chews, food/water bowls, dog bed, nail clippers, toothbrush/paste, ear wipes, shampoo.

·       See if any local rescue agencies or dog care centers like Scenthound provide low cost basic care classes! Get off on the right foot learning how to keep your dog maintained by trimming their nails, cleaning the ears, and brushing the teeth. Professionals can show you how or help take it off your plate and do it for you.

·       Obedience training can be so helpful with a new dog so sign up for low or no cost training classes at your local shelter! A little TLC here can go a long way and prevent dogs from returning to the shelter.

There is little more rewarding than rescuing a dog and adding that unconditional love to your family!