Top 3 Reasons Why You Need to Trim Your Dog's Nails


Nail trims are important to your dog's health!

  1. Skeletal Damage! What? Yes… when your dog's nails are too long it can affect his gait and how his feet hit the ground. This can have a ripple effect throughout their body. This could cause severe pain that you don't know about and could even altar bone structure!

  2. Going too long between trims makes getting nail length back under control much more of a "process". The quick (inside root) of the nail grows with the nail so you can't simply chop 'em down short. Nails that are too long need to be cut weekly in order to slowly get them back to a healthy length without cutting the quick. It's easy to cut the quick by accident, which can be painful for your pup. This can make future clips much more difficult because many dogs will get nervous when the clippers come back out.

  3. Dog nails can sneakily grow back into the pads! They curl under and grow right into the skin. OW! This situation is no bueno — it can lead to infection and is obviously painful for your pup.

How Often Should Dog's Nails Be Trimmed?

Every 2-6 weeks depending on the particular dog and how much time they spend outdoors. Mark your calendar, set an alarm on your phone, or have your trusted dog care center help you remember! Your best bud is counting on you to keep him healthy and all it takes is consistency — and a few treats during clips doesn't hurt either!