Pupper's Choppers


February is National Pet Dental Health Month!


Can you believe there is a whole month dedicated to your pup’s choppers? This is not some random choice to celebrate a part of your dog’s anatomy; your dog’s teeth are actually a gateway to their overall health. Sadly, statistics say that your dog likely already has some periodontal disease. Up to 80% of dogs over age three have some stage of periodontal disease. But, don’t panic. It’s usually preventable and often treatable. Help your furry friend avoid stinky breath, painful inflammation, tooth loss and potentially serious health complications by taking some easy steps.

1.      Regular oral care at home. Pick up a product like Zymox water additive which is a super easy to use . A few daily drops will help prevent plaque buildup and keep your dog’s breath fresh and clean! Dental wipes are another handy way to clean your pup's teeth.

2.      Regular tooth brushing. Your local dog care center carries special toothbrushes and toothpastes that dogs love to chomp on! Does this seem like a stressful task? The more you brush your dog's teeth the easier it gets for both of you! Regular affordable brushing as part of your dog’s care can also be easily scheduled at your local Scenthound and done in a flash by a pro!

3.      Non-anesthesia deep cleanings. You probably already know your vet can sedate your dog and do a deep cleaning. Some dogs do need this, but there are also less costly, drug free ways to get a thorough job done. Check out our partners at Healthy Smile Pet Dental to see what it's all about. And give your Scenthound location a call to find out when they’ll be offering their monthly service.

There is no better time than Pet Dental Health Month to adopt these important practices for the health of your dog!

Jessica VogelComment