Nails 101

Did you know letting your dog’s nails grow too long can cause serious health concerns? Pups’ nails can actually start curling under and into their paws. It’s painful for them to walk on overgrown nails and can also cause skeletal issues. They can’t tell us they’re in pain so often we miss what’s going on. Prevention and maintenance are 9/10 of the dog care law so we have some helpful tips! 

1)      Start Early! Cute bitty puppy nails may look like they don’t need maintenance yet, but this is exactly the best time to start getting used to having their paws handled. Start with your fingers and massaging around the toes. Once he’s used to his feet being touched it’s time to start clipping!

2)      How often? Anywhere between 2-6 weeks depending on your dog’s breed and how often she walks/runs outside to wear them down. Your vet or local dog care professional can give you more of an idea of your ideal nail clipping schedule. Do you hear the nails clicking on your floor? That’s a sign it’s pedicure time!

3)      Be consistent! Once your dog’s nails grow too long, the “quick” (blood vessel running through the nail) grows with the nail! Which means overgrown nails can only be cut so far down to avoid painful bleeding. When this happens it can make your dog REALLY nervous the next time the clippers come out, so it’s better to be proactive.

4)      But HOW? It’s absolutely possible to learn how to clip your own dog’s nails by getting them comfortable, being calm yourself, trim in bright light with sharp high quality clippers like these from Miller’s Forge, and cutting below the quick (which is easier to see in lighter nails than dark). Don’t forget to give your dog tons of praise and make it fun and rewarding! Of course, your local highly trained dog care professionals can easily do a quick quality trim and take the stress off of you! Find a friendly, clean center you AND your dog enjoy visiting and make it a special outing for you both.

You’re a good dog parent! High five!