Keeping your dog’s ears clean: Why and How

Did you know that ear infections are the #1 reason dogs visit the vet?! Kind of surprising, but there are lots of folds, creases and otherwise good hiding spots for dirt and dangerous bacteria in dogs’ ears. Canine ear infections are most often due to an overgrowth of bacteria or yeast. Infections can be extremely painful and are often preventable. Ouuuuch.

Dry ears. Weekly checks. Healthy ears! Here is how:

·  If your pup is uncomfortable with his ear’s being touched, start gently massaging them while he is relaxed and you are petting him. When it’s cleaning time, he will be much more zen about it.

·  Find a GOOD quality ear solution - we like Zymox Ear Cleanser.

· Squirt some solution onto the cotton ball and work the outer part of the ear and move inward. Use a new cotton ball and gently move closer towards the inner ear.

· But don’t go too deep! It could actually injure the inner ear.

· Make it a weekly fun activity with a handful of yummy bribing treats on the ready.

Avoid vet visits and ear infections by making this routine. You got this!