The "Hot Spot" No One Wants to Visit

It's not the Canine Carribean... Hot Spots in our world are itchy, painful areas of dermatitis on our dog's skin. They fixate on them and can't help but bite at them to try to alleviate the burning and itching. Not exactly like a pina colada at the doggie park huh? But you can break the cycle. 

What Causes Hot Spots

Repeatedly licking an area can cause this sore which creates a vicious cycle, making your dog's hot spot worse and worse. It can be a reaction to fleas, a parasite, food or product allergy, infection, or even anxiety/boredom. A visit to your vet is the is the first step in trying to narrow down the cause. 

Treating Hot Spots 

Your vet may shave the area if necessary before treatment. Depending on what's going on, antiseptics and antibiotics may be necessary. Often your pup may be subject to a dog cone worn around their neck. They don't love it BUT they do get used to it is critical in breaking the cycle and helping them heal!  

Preventing Hot Spots

Regular grooming and checking your dog's skin is the best place to start. Keeping their skin and coat clean and free of bacteria goes a long way in preventing these buggers. Bringing your dog in for monthly essential care services with professionals can help you spot the spots before they become a big problem! Keep them clean and DRY. Hot Spots feed off moist areas so dry your dog after baths and swimming. Keep up to date on flea and tick meds too

Clean Dog. Happy Dog. You got this!