Scenthound Salutes

Giving Back to Our Community

They say it's better to give than receive. At Scenthound, if there's a way to give back to our community, you bet we will find it! In 2017, we developed our "Scenthound Salutes" program to give free basic grooming services to groups in our community that we wanted to say a big thank you to! 

Saluting Fire Fighters in July

Firfighter Michael and Dog.jpg

Hot July in Florida.. what a better way to salute our emergency responders! Firefighters from all over the county came in with their pups for a free bath, ear cleaning, nail trim and teeth brushing. Thank you for keeping us safe and letting us cool down and clean up your pups!

Saluting Educators in September

BB teacher parents.jpg

Many of us have children in the area school system and we KNOW how hard our teachers and school staff work. This salutes program was such a feel-good way to check a task off a teacher's "to-do" list this semester! We were brimming with fine arts rock stars, elementary through high school heroes and very appreciated support staff from all over the county. Thank you for letting us show your pups some clean love with your free B.E.N.T's (that's bath, ears, nails, teeth)!

Foster Dog Families in November 


It takes some mighty big hearts to open your home up to a furry friend waiting on a forever family! We took some time in November to recognize families in Palm Beach County that are helping in such a big way to take care of the community's pet population and find them good homes. It was our honor to get these dogs spiffed up and on the path to wellness as well as their new families!