Scenthound's World Record Attempt at Most Dogs' Teeth Brushed at Once


In an effort to raise awareness about the importance of doggie dental care, Scenthound is attempting to break a world record for the most people simultaneously brushing their dog's teeth. The current record, according the Guinness Book of World Records, is 268 dogs set in Hong Kong, China in 2012. This attempt will take place Sunday, January 28, 2018 in Jupiter, Florida. It will not be the first time Scenthound has attempted to break the record. This year is their third shot at the record, and 2017's attempt would have been successful were it not dampened by frigid temps and heavy rain. This year's covered venue should keep the participants dry. And with a few attempts under our belt and some loyal "Soggy Dogs of '17", we know we will finally crush it this year!

Dog Dental Hygiene Enthusiasts Will Never Forget January 28, 2018 

We are two days out, and we've got plenty of registrants to make history! We just need people and their pups to show up on Sunday! Speaking of history... this year's event will be officially monitored by two notable locals. Sam Fuld, former MLB player and current information coordinator for the Philadelphia Phillies, and Ilan Kaufer, Jupiter Town Councilman will be our esteemed world record witnesses. The immense support from our community shows how much people love their dogs and value their health. Scenthound will be claiming the title with close to 400 dogs registered, a record that will stand for years to come.