Reducing Seasonal Stress… for you and your pup.


Stress, lack of sleep and change of routine can really overwhelm your pup during the holiday season. Watch out for signs of a stressed-out pup and learn some tips to reduce any holiday upset. We all want our furry family to feel happy and comfortable during the holidays!

Here are some signs that your dog is experiencing anxiety:

  • Lack of energy

  • Lack of appetite

  • Hiding or cowering and ignoring your calls to ‘come’

  • Out of character chewing or other destructive behaviors

  • Sticking to you like velcro

  • Atypical potty-ing in the house

Tips to reduce seasonal stress and anxiety (works on both dogs and humans):

  • Stick to a routine. Changes in schedule can make pups nervous. Keeping to your normal mealtimes, walk routine

  • Exercise. Extra long walks can help work off some of that restlessness and nervous energy

  • Make time for your pup. Some extra snuggles will help you both de-stress!

One final holiday note: Please be careful when giving a pet as a gift. Animals are a long-term commitment, and should only be given if someone is completely prepared for the responsibility. Most rescue shelters see a huge surge in surrenders after the holidays.